leaving a legacy

None of us likes to spend time thinking about wills. We put off arranging them or, perhaps updating them. However, as well as being important to ensure our wishes are carried out, it is an opportunity to help others.

Leaving a special gift in your will would enable us to look to the future. No matter the size of your gift, your kindness and generosity will enable New Forest Disability to make a difference to many people and their families.

We provide support to those of any age, affected by disability across the New Forest area. We also deliver essential outreach services and a range of community projects, in response to the needs of some of our most vulnerable residents. Voluntary donations play an important part in our ability to continue to provide these services.

When writing a will you should consult a solicitor. If you already have your will in place, this can easily be updated by the addition of a codicil which will be added as an amendment. If you would like to support us, please quote our charity number in your will: Charity Number 1104589.

Thank you for whatever you can give.