case studies

The following are actual examples of how we help clients with disabilities to regain independence or improve their quality of life:


1. enabled move into assisted accommodation for client with life-changing illness

An acute life-changing illness led to a client being unable to move around their home or to go in or out of doors. Over several months, we provided an advocacy service and liaised with social workers, the care provider, the housing team and the DWP and secured the transition into appropriate accommodation with extra support on-site, and an uplift in disability benefits.


2. worked with Motability to obtain powered wheelchair, client regained independence

A client with a long-term degenerative illness had become increasingly isolated and their mood was very low when we met them. They were eligible for the Motability scheme, and we arranged a home visit by a Motability Adviser. We also supported them at that appointment at which the client tried out several powered wheelchairs to find the most appropriate one for their needs. The Motability Adviser scheduled further visits to ensure the right choice was made before an order was placed. The client gained some independence at long last.


3. convinced DWP to reconsider client’s failed PIP application

A client with neurological issues, following an accident, had been unable to describe their difficulties during the initial assessment for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and so were not awarded the benefit. Following our intervention and help to request the DWP look at the case again, the client was awarded PIP and able to move on in recovery without the added stress of financial concerns.